24 years old and 12 days post heart transplant. Feeling great!

We're agreeing more than we disagree at this point. I'm with you on most of what you just said. Lemme just show you were I'm at:

"Most of the fat people are eating more calories then they need"--agree. You're correct here and I can't argue with that.

"even if they go to gym it wont change their weight"--disagree. Regular exercise will reduce stored body fat. Even if they stay the same weight, they'll be gaining muscle and losing fat.

"of course not over eating + exercise will be better than just not over eating"--of course.

"eating slightly less calories than you need you will lose weight 100%."-- you would be amazed at how ineffective and inefficient(considering the will power+effort required) this is. Yes, you can lose weight through diet alone. If we're talking about permanent weight loss, and not just fasting/cutting, this shit is so bad compared to your other options that it's not worth considering or recommending.

Seriously, I get where you're coming from. I used to think like you when I was a bit younger and took my metabolism for granted. I thought it was simple. It's really not; and the more you get into it, the more you find that out for yourself. I thought I was thin because I was doing something right, and people who weren't were doing it wrong. In some cases, sure, people do overeat; but if you consider all factors, I was giving myself undeserved credit. It took my body type changing to "skinny-fat" without me making any lifestyle changes for me to realise I was not living/eating/exercising as well as I had thought. It took me a lot of research, as well as learning from people who actually know their shit(trainers and nutritionists), for me to realise I didn't know anything(and what I thought I did know was wrong). I eat healthy(healthier at least) now, and work out twice every day, and barely drink alcohol, and there are still a million things I need to improve on and learn and correct. Shit is a life-long journey. It is not as simple as "don't eat doritos"(although that is good advise). Idk man, I just have a sore spot for seeing people give incorrect or incomplete health advise because I see a younger and more arrogant+ignorant version of myself in those people. If you want to see what I'm talking about try losing 5 pounds with diet alone. Just 5, sounds easy, right? Don't cheat by taking a shit before your second weigh-in lol. I guarantee that it will fucking terrify you.

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