I(24f) am having trouble trusting my boyfriend(24m) of 2 years.

I sometimes have similar feeling. Like most of the time I'm fine. I know he loves me and he doesn't cheat on me. But there is a moment that I have a feeling what if. And make a story in my head like it was possible and he is lying. And then I have to stop it and acknowledge that it's all my insecurity and there is no proof outside my head. I have a problem with trusting people. Like trusting 100% is stupid. You have to keep that 1% with anyone that it might be a lie. That's my thinking. I know it's little messed up. But with my boyfriend I'm telling myself that it's not that I trust him 100%, I choose to trust him coz otherwise there is not chance for our relationship. And till there is a proof that he is lying or cheating. I choose to trust him. If I'm wrong. Well at least it's not my fault (my insecurity) our relationship ends.

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