I [24f] feel like I'm spinning out of control and wanting to self-sabotage. What should I do?

Lots of people who go into consulting wind up hating it and transition to other careers. Literally all of my friends who went into it wound up transitioning to a different career path. The hours are long, the work is stressful, and it can be easy to get burnt out. Some people thrive in that sort of environment, but most don't.

I would start looking at downgrading your lifestyle to something more affordable, and exploring new career opportunities. I used to think I wanted to do a particular job regardless of what it took, but once I actually got it, I realized I hate the long hours and unpredictability, and really value the idea of working a more reasonable and steady schedule.

You are still incredibly young and will probably have several major shifts in your career - especially early on. Use your network and seek out things that you think would be rewarding, interesting, and give you a lifestyle (in terms of income and work/life balance) that you find acceptable.

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