I (24F) just found out that my boyfriend (27M) lied about volunteering with work to play video games

the thing is, he didn't play at all when we started dating. over the past year it's progressed to 2-3 hours every weekday and more on the weekends. We used to take trips, do activities during the week, now when i suggest those things i either get ignored or shot down at least half the time. He used to suggest them even more than i did. now i'm dealing with lies on top of it.

and to answer your first question - yes. while value judgement plays a role, there are still only 24 hours in a day. I believe relationships require time be spent together, and if that can't happen then neither can the relationship. The only difference I'd point out is temporary vs permanent circumstances. devoting your whole life to career or video games is seemingly indefinite - a school program ends eventually.

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