24F, trying to convince myself that my life is worth living. AMA.

An important first step is this : push aside every notion that modern day society says you "should" be thinking about, or aspiring to, or whatever. Focus on what means something to YOU. Which is not something that's just gonna just come to you one evening. It's something to spend some time on.

Then, once you've gotten that outline in your head, you start moving in the direction of making some of it happen. It will be slow. There will be setbacks, some of which will maybe take you back to square one. So then you set off again, repeating the first part above if necessary.

The vibe I get from what you said tells me you're just sort of in limbo right now, but that you do WANT to do something about it. And that fact alone is something to take a big positive from, because many people can't even do that.

You got this. It's just gonna take some work. But again, it shows that you want it to get better. So make it so.

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