[24M] No longer interested in women, but I've never been on date, kissed a girl or had sex

So basically you've given up on even trying after a long history of being too scared to try. This is an understandable response from a biological perspective, I bet not trying (while wanting to try) was causing you suffering, so now you no longer suffer over it. You've achieved complete sexual apathy. Congratulations.

Making a lot of incorrect assumptions here. Nowhere did I say I was ever scared of trying, nor did I say that I didn't try. I've tried thousands of times, I was never "shy" or self-confident about anything in my life.

First of all, no you shouldn't kill yourself. Life is dynamic and the future may turn out to be extremely different than the past. What you should do is be honest with yourself.

That's what I'm doing.

Lets start with the basics: Are you sure you are heterosexual? Do you fantasize about women? Many gay men convince themselves they are straight in order to fit in and not be subject of harassment. Some convince themselves so well they are in complete denial. Take some time to be honest about what you want and who you are attracted to. There are no wrong answers.

So this is just a piss-taking post? No, I'm not a homosexual. Homosexual acts absolutely make me sick. (not bashing any gay people, if that's what you like, I don't care, it's your life, personally it just disgusting to me)

Next, if you are interested in women, but just never had the confidence to do anything about it... then don't you think its time you worked to develop confidence?

This absolutely never happened. This is you making assumptions again. I was never "interested" but "lacked the confidence to act" In fact 99% of the time if I'm interested in someone, I would approach them or show my interest, but 100% of the time I've been rejected. Sometimes politely, sometimes offhandedly, sometimes very aggressively and insultingly.

Your rationality seems to be that you self-identify as ugly. That may be a valid perspective if you were seeking to date yourself, but you aren't. What you find unattractive, others may find attractive, and vice versa. You can't see yourself through the eyes of a woman, you are only inferring based upon your own poor self-image. You are then taking that poor self image and projecting it onto the mindsets of all the women you encounter. If you want to get anywhere with your sex / dating life, you must challenge and overcome this self-limiting belief.

I am ugly, that's just a fact. I've had people tell me I'm ugly. I've had anonymous polls tell me I'm ugly, I've even had people on reddit tell me I'm ugly, I usually get rated as 3-4/10. 5/10 on a good day or if the person is being polite. This isn't a self-image issue or a confidence issue, it's be being honest with myself and facing facts. Weak chin, shitty jawlines, shitty facial hair growth, receeding hairline, unsymmetric facial features and a fat face just aren't attractive. I could be delusional and tell myself "women have different tastes!" but that's not true. All women want a tall, dark, strong-jawline having guy with a nice head of hair and a cool haicut. I'm not being down on myself or being mean to women - it's just a fact.

Take good care of yourself with diet and exercise, dress stylishly, always smell incredible.

Again you're making the assumption that I'm some fat neckbeard who doesn't take care of himself. I workout, eat relatively right (why would I need a sixpack? I'm just an average guy) I dress nicely, I shower daily/every two days because I'm usually dirty when I get home from work

dress stylishly

don't even know what his means tbh. If it means dressing in skinny jeans and hipster outfits, then I'm definitely not doing that.

ext you develop a strong positive opinion of yourself. Make a list of all your positive attributes, read them to yourself daily. If you don't believe you are worthy of dating, nobody else will either. Who cares what you look like. Believe in yourself that you are a great person with lots to offer the right person.

You're basically advocating self-delusion. I know my strengths, I'm not a mental case, I don't need to read out my strengths to myself every day.

Finally, you need to go out there and fail.

Making assumptions here that I haven't for the last 10 years.

You've spent your whole life afraid of failure, you've never made an attempt.


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