I (24M) spilled a glass of wine on a woman's expensive dress while in a bar, and my wife (25F) is really angry at me

You seem pretty nonchalant for an $1800 mistake

I'm being nonchalant ATM because it's reddit..I was NOT nonchalant with the lady in the tavern, and in our phone conversation the day after. I also felt bad about it when I told my wife, I did not say it in a casual way at all.

It's a large sum and you lost it / made the decision to give it away without a financial discussion with your partner or considering any other options, sounds like.

My wife and I contribute 50 % of our take-home pay to a joint account, and the rest we spend it as we like without consulting each other. This is how we have functioned since we got married and how we agreed to function. The money that I will spend on the dress did not come from the joint account and I did not need to discuss it with her. It's also a no-brainer decision since I had to fix the mistake I mad with an innocent stranger.

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