25,000 people now skiing in Sweden, organizers putting together after-ski parties for 499 people, getting around national ban on gatherings of 500+. Locals putting signs up at train station saying, “Think of those of us who live here, you egomaniacs.” (in Swedish)

Another perspective:

The risk of a 75% old man to die in a given year is 3.5%. And the risk of the same person to die of a Corona infection is 8%.

If we assume there's a 50% risk of infection this increases the total risk of death this year from 3.5% to 7.6%. That's about the same risk as the risk of dying either this year or next year (if the virus wouldn't exist).

I'm not surprised that a lot of people aren't too worried. Yes - large numbers of people are going to die, but the risk for each individual (including older people) is not significantly higher than the risk of dying anyway in a given year.

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