25 years old. Never had a job. On the verge of failing school. Depressed. Anxious. Need advice - maybe a kick.

Honestly, you need to get your shit together. 25 is an age when your decisions can either set you up for a good future or put you on a bad track. Why are not doing well in your classes? If it's laziness, you need to snap out of it because you're putting yourself in an awful spot financially. Is that really worth it to you? "Losing motivation" is not a valid excuse. Let's be real, a degree in philosophy doesn't require that many mentally strenuous classes. Just do the work before you fuck yourself any further. If you need motivation, how about the impending doom of having thousands of dollars worth of debt hanging over your head and no degree/job to rely on to pay them back?

If you're not applying yourself in school, you could at least be getting in some work (any hours at all) to a. get experience and b. start paying back the thousands of dollars you're sabotaging yourself with from being a lazy ass. Then, you can get some work experience so you can actually put something down on your resume. If you're really that desperate, volunteer. You will get work experience and make a few professional contacts for your references. Even a professor will be more than happy to be a reference for you. There's really nothing "terrifying" about this process. There's a set formula: volunteer = work experience, contacts. Apply for new job = talk about past work experience, list contacts. Get a new job, get work experience & money. Repeat. Millions of people do it every. single. day. It's time to grow up.

If you're not working, and you are confused about what to do with your degree, there are these things called internships. You get to build work experience but ALSO make money. They're designed specifically for students. Crazy, right? There are MANY steps you can take to get yourself out of this mess, you are not "STUCK," but it seems like a. you're far too lazy to do anything and b. let your social anxiety hold you back and never take any steps to push yourself out of your bubble. You know what you bubble will become? Living with your parents when you're 35, broke, debt ridden, single. Sounds good, huh? Don't even think about a romantic relationship, that's the least of your worries at this point in time. Who's going to want to be with someone who has no job, no money, tons of debt, is too lazy to even do the bare minimum to pass their classes, and lives with their parents? No one.

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