I (25F) am very torn about staying with my boyfriend (33M) and while the thought of ending things kills me, it may be the correct path?

You probably have way more future prospects than this guy. Yeah he treats you nice, but tbh you have to decide if drug addiction and the limiting factor of being a felon is really how you want to spend your life with him. Addicts can be absolutely sincere and sensitive people, especially if they are fully in recovery, which it sounds like he is not.

Have your parents explained their aversion to him, is it anything other than the obvious?

My experience with addicts was not with someone who was nice, but even so, I did the "lending money to help you get on your feet, but you never really seem to get there" gets old and can cause loads of resentment for both parties.

It's up to you... but don't settle just because you're scared that you won't find love, especially at 25.

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