I (25f) feel upset with what my husband (26m) gave me for Mother’s Day

I mean, she didn't explain their dynamic. It sounds like she's a house wife, and unless she has a full time job, it sounds like he supports them.

So he's throwing away large amounts of hours grinding away at a job, while she gets to be with her kids, and at her own house.

The tradeoff there is that she would, say, make sure he gets some quiet time at night, allows him to take the load off of his feet, etc, and, in a healthy relationship, he would do the same thing for her on days he can, say, if you had 3 days off and could watch the kids for a bit so she can have a little home spa day to herself.

People don't need to have 1:1 relationships, nor do I think that's the best family structure. Things can and do work just fine in relationships where there is trading or imbalance going on that is okay for both people. It's not working here though, and he doesn't seem to do his part, but it's not because he doesn't do half of the chores or whatever.

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