25f haven't dated for about 5 years, just met an interesting guy (26) what do I need to know to stay safe?

I am a bit late to the show, but I'll put in my two cents. I saw your post on /r/askmen and you came across as somebody who has a fear of commitment or anxiety in general. I can relate to that.

It's only been 4 days but my mind is racing, trying to figure out why this is a bad idea. Why his interest in me is a ruse, why he might be a bad guy

The above confirms my suspicion. You're asking if it's a good thing. No it is not. Yes there's a chance he's bad news, yes there's a chance it's doomed to fail, yes you have issues that will cause relationships to fail, but so will your potential partners. We're only human. However your predictions fueled by your anxiety is a guarantee it is going to fail. It's a self fulfilling proficy. There's no way you can see what lies ahead of you. But without even giving it a chance you're looking for excuses to shut it all down.

You're trying to protect yourself by not giving yourself anything. Sad thing is, this 'protection' is eating you up from the inside.

Since you're asking what issues you could work on before committing to a relationship I'd try to look into these negative predictions you're making. And why you're making them. Dare. To ask yourself what you're so afraid of.

And last but not least, ask yourself what advice you'd give a friend in a similar situation. Would you warn her for possible bad guys and advice her to not date? Or would you be excited for her? Quite often it helps to take a step back from your position.

Also, dating really isn't the same as jumping into a relationship FYI.

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