I (25F) told my fiance (30M) no to having guns in the house. I think of it as a boundary, but he's upset I didn't want to have further discussions about it. Am I setting boundaries correctly?

At this point it's not about the guns, it's about the fact that you won't communicate.

He's upset because there was no discussion. You just said no. That's not a discussion. That's not talking through things and trying to have a compromise.

My husband is Canadian and was staunchly against guns before he met me. After going to the gun range, firing a fire arm, and seeing how my family stores them safely away with the bullets kept seperate, he is fine with it now.

Maybe you won't change your mind in the future, but the fact of the matter is you made up your mind without talking through a damn thing.

(Side note, kids don't fear what they have been taught about. Guns were in our household and my father and brothers made sure I knew they weren't toys and we're dangerous. Same with alcohol. No one ever denied me alcohol, I tasted it and it was YUCKY! So I never had any fascination with it and never wanted it again. These things were never "mysteries' that people kept from me. Keeping kids ignorant is the wrong way to keep them safe.)

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