I(25M) don't drink,smoke or do drugs but my gf(F25) does and I get really anxious every time she goes out

Any behavior that is learned can be unlearned. It takes time, but it's very much possible on a wide variety of aspects and concepts. You at least recognize that your feelings are unsavory.

Do you trust your girlfriend? She invites you to places so surely it's not like she'd be hiding something when she drinks and smokes when hanging out with people.

Perhaps it's best that you sit down with her and go "hey, I know I have my thoughts about drinking and drugs, but I like you and want to be more open to you doing what you do for fun. I don't want to sour any moods or our nights out when that stuff is involved, so help me help the situation at hand."

You guys are in a young relationship, so this could be a great time for some minor boundaries. But not so much that she's suffocated or feels that you're controlling. Tell her your fears, or that you don't want her doing hard drugs, tell her that you want to trust her as much as possible and that she can tell you anything and vice versa. Transparency and communication is important for this kind of thing. You both need to be able to come to one another for most anything. That way you can be comfortable with her doing what she does, and you don't have to worry about "what ifs".

Hope that makes sense.

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