I [25M] inappropriately touched my best friend and housemate [20F] when I was drunk/tipsy. I feel like shit. She doesn't want to see me or talk to me or hear anything I have to say.

This might get downvoted but fuck it, forget about her. If she doesn't wanna talk to you or accept your apology then you shouldn't entertain that bullshit, you were drunk & it didn't seem like that big of a deal for her to act that way, she just saw that you felt bad when you decided to tell her your feelings and she ran with it because that's how women are, she know wants you to chase after her, it's an attention thing and she wants you to feel bad. Chicks love for you to feel bad for something you do to them even if it didn't effect them that much. Now I'm not condoning what you did but if she isn't understanding enough to care about what you have to say then fuck her.

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