25m kinda lost

I'm 21. Technically female, if you're curious. I'm also treading the waters of dating for the first time. And I've actually been dodged by a few guys because I was open regarding my virginity status. Like tmi, but the hymen situation isn't an issue and I'm already sexual. Yet, I'm treated like godzilla. Like I'll be an emotional leech for them or something.

Anyways, my point here is that it's hard to find a solid place to start when some people completely disregard you as a potential partner. I use Tinder and I no longer disclose my level of experience. I let things go and I'm blatant about if it's too far for comfort. Furthest I've gone is dry humping. I've only made out twice. But Tinder is fun because you never need to see the person again. Like you could essentially go for makeout practice and leave it at that. Or even, some people make posts on r4r just to dabble in being sexual/sexy so that it's more comfortable when it naturally happens.

Just food for thought. This has made me more comfortable within my inexperience and I still feel like I have no clue what I'm doing lol but I'm gaining experience like it's a skill and I'm leveling up. Slowly but surely.

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