26 December


Shitty mom, but friends I love dearly.

I’m going to college in a month, and I’m terrified but also excited. I enjoy the arts a lot, but contrary to popular belief I’m majoring in CS.

I like planning things out, and also imagining a million different scenarios. I quite often find myself daydreaming or lost in thought.

I believe my intuition as it’s never been wrong.

I’m atheist/agonist, bisexual, and also don’t really care for gender lmao. biological female. Currently residing in a northeast state of America. Indian-American, though I am constantly thought to be of Hispanic origin.

I make wishes on 11:11, dandelions, candles, etc, even though I don’t expect them to come true.

I get caught up in the beauty of life, as well as the experiences that it brings. I enjoy the arts because it lets me feel and express feelings that I’m working on not bottling up.

I love the angel/devil trope, as well as romance in general.

Currently I’m working at a summer camp with kids (I’m enjoying it more than I thought), am learning more about myself and identity, planning out a tattoo I want in the future, and enjoying the weeks of summer before stating college.

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