I [26/M white] live with an interracial couple [30/F black, 32/M white], as a renter. They told me today to not bring my black friend over anymore, because they don't trust non-professional black men.

Mixed black over here — this is internalized racism to its very core; it’s sad. You need to understand this as a type of racism put upon your friend first and foremost.

If I were you I’d review the lease you have with them and see if there are any clauses on who you bring over. If not, consider this a racially discriminatory issue and call it out as such. If you want to be good man, be prepared to have this pot stirred and look up some other spots before shit hits the fan (just in case).

This woman has a vendetta against black men, and assumed due to your whiteness that discrimination would be a non-issue. Understand that she is assuming that you are an inherently racist person who won’t care about whether black men can enter the house or not. If you want to stand up for something, this is your moment.

As for your friend, please let them know EXACTLY what they told you and remind him that you have no problem with him being in the house. Tell him you are trying to fix this issue — your door is open — but if he doesn’t want to come over anymore for his own sake it wont be taken personally.

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