I [26F] told a mutual friend [28M] that I am not interested in dating him but it seems like he doesn’t get the picture. Is there anything else I can say?

"Neglecting" lmao. Dudes coping with rejection by attempting to manipulate your feelings are fucking exhausting.

I would cut off contact and continue ignoring him but considering how the dude is persistent, I'm not too sure. You should tell someone you can trust about this guy for your own safety for now. If it comes down to you having to talk to him again, be a bit more assertive.

Tell him you have no interest in remaining friends because his persistence is making you feel super uncomfortable. If he tries the bullshit "neglecting" line again, tell him straight up that he's trying to manipulate you into a unwanted relationship and you can see that clear as day. Be as emotionless as possible. Maybe he'll see that his beta shit tactics are not working.

But seriously. Tell someone you know about this guy.

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