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Hey there Bash . I've never messaged anyone on here so I'm not really sure how to introduce myself but I wanted to tell you a true story you might enjoy. I had been dating this girl for a couple years and found out she was cheating on me. We tried to make it work but she kept sleeping around. It destroyed me for a while but eventually it started turning me on. It took a long while to admit it to myself, and even longer to her, but I finally told her it was hot and that I had a fantasy to eat her after someone else fucked her. She looked me right in the eye and said "you're in luck, I have a load of cum in my pussy right now". She took off her pants and panties And spread her legs and said "lick". I hesitated, not knowing if I really wanted to do it, but she shoved my face in and I cleaned her. We split up eventually but even now she let's me come over to lick her after she's gotten fucked. I spiraled since then and all I can dream about is being a little cock sucking sissy and getting fucked by all the dick I can handle. It's kind of a relief to tell someone that. No one else knows (besides anyone she may have told).

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