[26NB][27NB] My partner blames me for something I don't think I'm to blame for

I'm trying to see it from their perspective as much as I can. What happened to them was real shitty, and I won't even get into what happened to them when they were living outside the house on their own, but I love them and we are on track to marrying. I feel they're projecting their emotions and feelings wrongly and I want to help them through their pain. I care for them. I don't like I'm being blamed in this instance, but I know that if I was having trouble like this, I'd want my partner to help. Maybe we didn't visit so much, or if I made more money, or if I married them sooner, they wouldn't have had this happen to them. I find myself blaming myself now, sadly, too. I'm trying to find ways to work this out with them.

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