27 and stuck in home town - thinking seriously of enlisting.

Gotcha. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on your experience man.

For some reason I'm really not too worried about people younger than me being my superiors. I kinda expect that if they've been in longer than me. Not looking forward to immature/insecure leadership but that exists in the military and the civilian world.

The tradition is part of what makes the Navy so appealing, tbh. I did look into the air force and it is a strong #2 for me, it just didn't seem like the military experience I was looking for (I'm sure I'll look back at that and laugh when I'm scraping paint off the bulkhead or whatever).

Tbh I'm anticipating that I'll be some degree of miserable until I can get BAH and live on my own again. I'm hoping to just power through but right now that is one of the parts of enlisting I'm looking forward to the least. (When I lived in a dorm someone kept pooping around the hall and bathroom and it was a big thing. I hope there's something like that in the barracks lol)

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