I (27F) broke up with him (31M) but am turning into a certifiable crazy pants over him moving on

If you head on over to r/DeadBedrooms you'll be reminded of what it was like for you when you were in the relationship. It sounds traumatizing. You could have married him if you wanted. The sex issues would not have changed and you would have felt worse over time. The relationship you had with him was not a happy one if your self-esteem and sense of security was compromised.

It seems like there is part of you that wonders if you were the problem the whole time. That you weren't successful enough, pretty enough, or good enough in bed. You are enough. You chose to leave a relationship that was not healthy for you. This is why blocking him on all social media is necessary. You're being pulled back into that unhealthy cycle of unrealistic thinking.

What might be a helpful exercise is to write out all your feelings. How it felt to be in that relationship, what you feel now, everything and anything associated with it. Then on another day write about things from an empowering perspective and affirm yourself in a positive way. That you can trust yourself and you made the right decision.

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