I [27F] can't have children and husband[31M] does not want to adopt

I'm not sure if this will help you or not, but I'll tell you how I'm dealing with my fertility problems.

My husband and I are also trying to have a baby. The women in my family have a history of early hysterectomy due to cysts....like the latest any in the past few generations is my cousin and she is likely to have one soon. At age 28. I am already showing symptoms and I'm 24. My mother was able to conceive with these issues so I'm trying to keep level headed. We haven't really been trying long (about four months) but I am scared of being told it won't happen for me. So we had a long discussion about what we want to do if at the next checkup they tell me I'm infertile.

My husband has no problems with adoption - his sisters are adopted. I worry that I will have the problem, if it comes to that. Not because I can't bond with it, but because I couldn't give him something and I don't want to take it out on the child.. He may possibly feel that way even though the problems are on your side. My husband feels like he fails me every time I get a negative pregnancy test result, even though the issues are on my side.

What I would do in your situation is go ahead and get the puppy. If you are tracking your ovulation with strips and things like that, I'd stop(I had to. It put so much pressure on us). Just enjoy sex -still unprotected- and save up for whatever you decide. You may even get pregnant while you do this and have a nice nest egg! We are currently doing the same -puppy included- because of my issues.

It may help if you get some therapy, see if there are any infertility groups in your city and take your husband with you. One of my friends loves babies and was absolutely devastated when she found she may never be able to have one of her own. She would get angry when people complained about pregnancy or just the hardships of having a newborn. Knowing others had the same problems and frustrations helped her so much.

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