28/26 [mf4m] fuck my gf (Atlanta / otp)

I can't tell if you're actually this misinformed or if you stupidly think I am?

You can go online and buy a ZIP archive of hundreds of photos of the same girl, who has already held up x fingers and done x. As I said, it's incredibly trivial to fake live pics on Kik, and if someone gave you a fuss, you could move on to the next dipshit.

If you've been on the internet for about five minutes, you know there's always some openly or closeted bi dude who has a girlfriend who's totally down to play until about five minute before you leave the house, then something suddenly comes up, but "Hey, since you're coming over anyway, how about we just stroke one out to her old videos?"

Complaining about the number of people applying who aren't anywhere near her is about the first thing you said that makes me think you're a couple, because your history (deleted and standing) mentions you're on the hunt for people, but never as a couple.

There are a half-dozen ways you could verify here, and if you know anything about swinging, you would have done that to start. But something tells me that's never going to happen. I'm done talking to you, dude.

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