28 [F4M] Looking For a Kinky Dominant Partner ( Stockholm or Online,)

I've never done this before,but it's really exciting for me to think about dominating a woman,an making her mine, ok this is my fantasy and Tell me if this what your looking for if so then we can continue.

It's late at night,you come to m house. You knock on my door. I open the door an let you in,I walk you in an no lightsate on just candles iluminatig tthe hallway. I get behind you, pushing my body against yours. I whisper in your ear,im im in control tonight,I'm going to make you mine. I take out a blindfold and put it on you,an take you by the hand. You've never been here so you don't know where I'm taking you. After a short walk,I remind you that tonight I'm in control,and put you on your knees,then I pull your arms around to the back of the you and tie them together,you now know I'm in complete control And I wait, nothing not a sound is made,you blindfolded and on your knees can only imagine what I have in mind for you. And I wait, with every moment that passes your anticipation grows, your mind racing I walk up to you an nibble on your ear. The excitement grows,I let go and kiss you wildy, passionately. Then I stop, making you wait again. I. You can hear my pants unzipp,, still on your knees, I grab you throat an gently but firmly, I tilt you head to back and Order you to open your mouth,and take my long hard cock as far in as you can. I'm going to fuck your mouth,I comand, you get excited about the length of my cock as I slide down your neck,, making you gag on my big cock,while I still have my hand around throat you gasp for air. Then I stop,,again nothing but silence. Your mind racing.

Shall I go on?

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