28 f4m Slept in bored and horny... Tell me something perverted

Me: Fit, average build, 33. Clean cut working professional that cleans up well and looks great in a suit.

You: Petite with beautiful brown eyes and a slim athletic body. You're wearing a tight little black cocktail dress that's sure to turn heads.

We met casually at the bar as we're both from out of town for a convention. A few drinks and some flirting back & forth and you definitely seem open to having some fun. With every drink you get a little bolder, finding excuses to touch my arm or hand. Each touch lingers a little longer and our conversation veers towards sex.

I lean in and whisper in your ear. "What gets you wet?"

You reply with a devilish grin "I love to suck cock. I'm really good at it."

I smile. "I'll be the judge of that."

The conversation gets dirtier, and you admit to being a "total cumslut." That's music to my ears, and my dick is quickly hardening in my pants thinking about drenching your face and tits with my load. I haven't cum in about two weeks and now I know I've got a willing canvas to paint a masterpiece upon.

You slip me your spare room key and tell me to meet you in your room in 15 mins.

I slip into your room and I see the bathroom light and the door closed. There's a note on the desk to have a seat and get comfortable. I take a seat on the chair by the window.

I hear the click of the door lock popping as you exit the bathroom.

You walk into the room and we lock eyes. I can see that you are excited and clearly have some nervous energy. This is going to be a fun night.

I stand up and walk over to you. Our faces are inches apart and I can see take a breath in anticipation. I grab your waist and pull you in close, forcefully, but not too rough. Your lips are kissably moist, and our hands are all over each other.

I run my fingers through you hair slowly, lightly then I grip and pull. Not too hard, but hard enough for you to know who's in charge.

You purr as I pull your hair and guide you down to your knees.

"Take off my pants" I order you.

You feel the bulge in my pants and I immediately see your eyes light up. You quickly obey and pull out my hardening cock, and start stroking it affectionately, first with your finger tips around the head, then with a firm grip up and down the shaft.

"Put your hands behind your back" I grab your hair and stuff my hardening cock in your mouth. I slowly fuck your mouth further and further down your throat.

Tell me what you think? Do you like it? What do you want to happen next?

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