I [28 M] still love my ex [20 F] but I'm scared about getting back with her as well as leaving her for good.

I appreciate your criticism because there are always two sides to every story.

I'm not in a gang. I backed out of Latin King membership right before initiation though I still keep a one Blood friend.

My past relationships have always been very peaceful. No screaming or violence at all. No DV history at all.

She had punched me once before because she was mad that I wasn't outgoing enough at a party I went to with her coworkers. Gave me a black eye and my coworkers at social services joked about me needing to talk to a DV liaison because of it.

I wasn't screaming at her but since she was drunk and out of control I forced her into my car so I could take her home and that's when she started getting physical with me. So in a way, I was getting in her way. But I'm not the type to leave my girl drunk and stranded in the middle of the Bronx just because I'm pissed at her. For reference she was 6 inches taller than me and had 10-20 pounds on me; I'm a small guy.

There were no marks on her body since I never hit her. That's why the assault charges were the first to get dropped. The reckless endangerment is what they're trying to pin on me now but since she's not cooperating with the prosecution there's no way those charges will stick. The taxi driver also has no interest in pursuing legal action.

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