[28M] what is it about me that makes people avoid me like the plague?

actually you don't need to, I've seen them. and I guess to be blunt, while I never say this kind of stuff to people, try to not be an asshole and a nice guy, I read 99% of stuff and think that they're either

A. not smart

B. don't have a personality

I feel like an asshole for thinking those things, and I promise it doesn't seep through at all in person; I'm extremely polite, smile a lot, get told by everyone who ends up meeting me in some situation that I'm so nice and genuine-seeming, have known my whole life that numbers wise I'M the "wrong" one (being having common interests that don't require as much thought and not being particularly intelligent might just be that, but it gets you a mate, whereas most people probably look at me (or my profile) and go "he looks weird and different", and which results in being mateless)

and one last time, before I get somebody saying something like "you sound full of yourself", I'm fucking not, because these traits I have only disadvantage me. I can't help that I'm smarter than most people, and I can't help that I've aways been weird. I'm not trying to flex an ego, I'm just stating things that I think if we had time, I could prove to be objective facts.

honestly, the fact that you just go "your shit sucks HARD"; THAT sucks hard. you could try to put in more nicely. let me see your bio and for the sake of fairness I'll give my honest take.

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