It was 29C (84F) near the Arctic Ocean this weekend as carbon dioxide hit its highest level in human history

Well, permaforst and permafrost...

Two things:

First, most of the desirable area of Alaska n the next few decades will be more like the great lakes area than anything else.

Seconds, we have positive feedback loops so while the current permafrost will not be arable perse in the traditional sense, it wont mean that it wont be otherwise usable.

Now that being said, don't generalize the entirety of what is off the top of my head 18-20% of the total Us land area by the worst of the landscape there. That's like taking New mexico and describing the entirety of the lower 48 state by that category which would be wholly inaccurate and false.

Which being said, less you live in, or have lived in Alaska you likely don't know much of any of the realities here outside or random statistics pulled in or out of context from various sources.

I live here and can tell you that your perspective on the matters described is by far less than complete, or adequate to give you a full picture. At best it can be described as the "twitter one-liner" equivalent of it.

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