I[29f] tried to surprise my husband[28m] and all he just said “gross”

I'm a guy, and I agree with you, but I feel like this needs some explaining.

Most guys prefer when women actually say what they want, and many of us view relying on hints as a sign of immaturity. That discussion itself will frequently get super heated (the immaturity accusation probably contributes to that), and some guys just refuse to talk about it because they're sick of getting screamed at, slapped, etc. for it.

This can extend to the bedroom, especially when communication in the relationship is poor (which in the post it definitely was). Unfortunately, because of the aforementioned issues, it's difficult to resolve without both partners deciding to use their words like grown ups.

You sound like you and your SO have good communication, but I noticed something in your comment that reinforces my point.

And if my SO sees me masturbating, he offers to help me out.

He's still looking for confirmation instead of relying on just hints. This doesn't detract from what you're saying at all. I just figured pointing that out would be a good way to demonstrate that even in a healthy relationship with good communication, words are still better than hints for guys.

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