I (29M) and my wife (28F) have a new baby and she is wanting to move back to hometown, but I have a location dependent business here. She has gotten more bold about telling me how much she hates our life in the current city. Ideas for how to resolve this?

So what are you (and your family, if they're also invested in keeping you here) doing to help your wife build a support network in your current city?

So far, my game plan has been to try to organize dates for us, plans with our friends from church, and family time alternately with her family and mine. I've been scouring Meetup.com for groups that I think might appeal to my wife. I try to regularly suggest things like a "Mommy and Me" group at our local library. So far, I think she finds my suggestions more patronizing than helpful.

If you want to make this work, you need to ease off the "well, I adjusted just fine; you're not working at it hard enough" attitude a little under the circumstances and treat this like a team problem. Because like it or not, it is.

I agree with this completely. I admit that while I am a very kind person, my internal monologue on this issue sometimes trends toward, "Oh geez, this again? Get over it already!" I can't help that, that's my gut reaction. I try not to actually, out loud, react that way and instead be encouraging. I agree that this is a problem we fix together, but I also do sometimes think that I'm more eager to fix it than she is if the fix doesn't involve moving.

Also, have you shared any of what you're doing to try and get the business to a point where it's not so location-dependent with her? If she's not happy with the timeline, that's one thing. But if she's not even aware you're trying to meet her halfway even if that's going to take some time, that's something she needs to know.

In broad terms, I've told her that I am open to finding a middle ground. I've also told her that I think it's not immediately feasible for us to pick up and move. I have not laid out a specific plan because I'm working on that plan myself still. I don't want to make a promise that I can't keep, but I'm sincerely trying to do this for her.

Thanks for reading and commenting. This is probably the most selfish way I've ever worded this problem, in part because I feel like shouting my natural feelings to the internet is safer than just letting her have my raw opinion. I tend to temper my words IRL much more than I have here in this post. Please take my word for it that I'm empathetic and caring and want the best for everyone involved.

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