No, both of you are wrong. We're biologically inclined to drug ourselves. To prevent ourselves from thinking about our inevitable death and the utter pointlessness of our lives. To keep us going for just another day. We're not finding purpose, because there can be no purpose in living as short of an existence as 80 years or so in a universe billions of years old, that'll undoubtedly be completely destroyed in a few billions of years.

Some people use literal drugs for this. Just look how popular drinking alcohol and smoking are.

Some people, well, most people, use work or other monotonous hobbies/pastimes.

Some people, again more like most people, use family/friends, to involve themselves with another's life or create a new life altogether by having a child, and "live through them" and fool their brain into believing they are living a "fulfilled" life.

Some people either overdo drugs (literal or otherwise) and can't take it anymore, or can't drug themselves with anything in the first place so they just give up.

You have a limited time on earth and if you're not driven by anything, you don't have anything that you truly want to achieve, then you're like a rich guy who never spends his money. You feel like you might as well be broke (or in the analogy, obviously, dead.).

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