The 2nd amendment is meant to support violent rebellion of the people against tyranny right? Well isn't that what's happening in Minneapolis?

Lol - systemic changes to the entire country. Social safety net stuff. Better opportunities. I mean I have lived overseas and it was objectively safer by the numbers - even in scary London or what have you - but I actually live here. Guns are not going away anytime in this country and I live according to facts on the ground.

I would prefer cradle to grave healthcare, housing and education as a start, an end to mass incarceration and militaristic policing and a whole host of other things. But I still have to live my life in the meantime.

I push for what changes I can and am pretty far left oriented for an American but I also don't have any qualms defending myself if it were to come to street crimes. I am not going to box or wrestle with someone half my age, I am going to shoot them or stab them.

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