3 in 5 Canadians support universal basic income as high as $30K/year

Well, if thanks to the UBI more people are in the position to do for themselves what UW programs do for them, then obviously, there will be less need for their services. As that need drops, their engagement drops, their donations and budgets shrink, as does their administration, and so on and so forth... They may not become obsolete, but the need for their programs would most likely decrease considerably.

As to the class inequality, UBI won't fix it, and that wouldn't happen unless you literally redistribute the wealth, so what you are proposing is a utopian ideal, which is far from the reality of actual life in Canada. When you are referring to "we're still working for money to buy things we made for a much greater price than we are compensated for making those things", the UBI would address that in a very roundabout way. As I said, if everyone made a living wage, where they can afford decent housing and other life's necessities without living paycheque to paycheque and falling deeper and deeper into debt (as most Canadians do), then UBI wouldn't be necessary. As this is not the case, UBI would at least provide some form of equalization. (That and regulating the housing market.)

There are many countries, where goods are produced locally by workers who are earning a wage which will provide them with all necessities and money to spare, where they make enough money to actually buy the high quality and high priced goods made locally by their neighbors, where producers/employers are small and local as well, and there is an ecosystem of depending on each other, a circle of decent income and being able buy decent (yes, more expensive) things so your neighbour can get a decent pay. However, that by far is not the norm worldwide and in Canada. I'm not an economist or a polisci major, so that's the best explanation I can give you.

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