[3.5e] Few questions for a new(ish) player

That still doesn't fix most of the problems that Monks have, most notably that they don't really excel at anything- if you're going to play Monk in any game with any reasonable amount of optimization, it's a two level class, at which point you multiclass into something better.

I mean yeah sure it reduces your MAD, but you still need to pump CON (because you're a melee character), DEX (because of finesse and initiative), and WIS (for AC, DCs, and damage). I'd argue that it's a band-aid fix to a class that just has an overabundance of suck (unless you only dip two levels, or abuse Dragon Magazine shenanigans like the Martial Monk).

Most of the Monk abilities need more or less complete overhauls to not suck. Purity of Body, Wholeness of Body, and Diamond Body are basically useless outside of really fringe cases. Timeless Body is useless unless you can start at 17th level. Still Mind doesn't really create any noticeable difference in gameplay, and Slow Fall is generally best swapped out for that ACF that allows you to walk on walls for your slow fall distance.

Quivering Palm is a total joke. 1/week save or die as a death effect, that doesn't work against a wide number of enemy types, at level 15? Your casters have had save or die effects for ~five levels at this point, usable more than once per day and on more creatures than you can use Quivering Palm on.

Diamond Soul actually makes you weaker, because due to the rulings on how Spell Resistance works, your party has to overcome it to buff or heal you.

Perfect Self is a really weak capstone, considering that the DR that it provides is useless (pretty much everything will have the magic type by 20th level) and unless you use shenanigans you won't be able to abuse the Outsider type that it grants you.

Overall, I'd highly recommend you play an Unarmed Swordsage over a Monk. Not only does it better fit the monk's fantasy (in particular if you focus on the Setting Sun discipline), but it also will allow your DM to not have to work at making your character not useless (unless of course the rest of your party is playing Fighters, Soulknives, or Paladins).

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