3-F-PCP Massive Overdose

Seems like an unfair assessment to me. You can’t call someone a rapist when a rape never actually occurred. The fact that OP, while in the midst of a literal manic/psychotic state was able to regain his faculties and realize what he was doing was absolutely horrific and stop is something that he should be thankful for. Look at the story of big Lurch, a rapper with no history of mental illness or violence who literally ate someone while blacked out on PCP. These drugs can change your thinking in ways you could never even imagine. OP did not have to post this story and tell everybody his darkest regrets, but still did so to show people how bad it can get when you go overboard on a drug like this, and I commend him for that. We can either tear him to shreds for the mistakes he’s owned up to or learn from his story. ThAts just my opinion.

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