3 people shot in drive by shooting in Gold Coast

I hate when people can't address what was said and so they accuse the person of "not living here."

I posted something in the Omaha sub a few days ago and somebody dug into my post history and found out that I've also posted in Barcelona, Ireland, and Chicago and they said something similar to you, indicating that I'm some troll trying to push an agenda.

Turns out that I'm born and raised in Omaha (24 years), then I spent a year working in Dublin, got my MBA in Barcelona, and now live in Chicago. It doesn't mean I'm not a real person or that my opinions on Omaha are incorrect. It just means that I'm well-traveled and sought out good opportunities.

What OP was referring to is the very obvious uptick in violent crime in the Loop and River North. Do you have any opinions on that or would you prefer to just pretend that he and the situation aren't real?

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