30% of 6k immortals are with lvl 40-50 accounts, either smurfs or bought accounts

i don't regard picking to be connected to skill, i think it's something anyone from mmr 1-11000 can execute without being good at the game. and it's about tryharding and how serious you take games. you will (probably) stay at 5-6k because your individual skill is too bad, but my point is a. it's not because of smurfs and b. i can't simply outskill you. you will have a much higher winrate against smurfs if you fight on even ground. and, on the other hand, i often have no chance if i rely on my skill or if i get outdrafted.

i'm not even defending smurfing, i'm just convinced that you're getting stomped because you picked shit. and i know this because i also feel like games are impossible when i don't pick well (sometimes by accident). it never gets to the point where individual skill matters when you get outdrafted. and high mmr players simply tend to be more tryhard, it doesn't automatically mean they are miracles and nisha, you can beat them easily.


none of the enemy were smurfs, still i was chanceless and i play serious every single game. in my position, if ta was a smurf and you were leshrac, you would go on reddit and say it was an impossible game because ta smurfs. she pressured me hard on lane even with 3k+ mmr difference because of an annoying matchup and i wonder every time this happens whether the opponent is a smurf, but they aren't 90% of the time. you're even 5k, but for some reason you act like you play this game for half a year and are completely shit compared to high mmr players.

again, my point is you get stomped because you don't take the game serious (which is your own choice) and then blame it on smurfs. but if an opponent with exact same individual skill as you plays tryhard, the same thing will happen. maybe it doesn't look as pretty, but you will still get a free lose.

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