30 Minute online Application, 30 Minute telephone interview, 1 hour in person Interview and they can't even be bothered to send an email saying sorry not successful.. it's infuriating

I’m late to this thread, but from a corporate recruiter standpoint, unfortunately I understand how these things can happen.

I’ve shared this before, but corporate recruiters simply do not have time to do their jobs correctly. I consistently work on 25-40 jobs at a time and these are not low-level jobs, these are executive and director level roles. I truly try to relay all feedback and updates to candidates, but when you are actively working with 200-300 candidates at a time it becomes EXTREMELY time consuming. We have tried various other methods to solve this issue including automated messages from the system (people say it’s rude/impersonal, which I get) or quick follow up emails, but everyone wants more information or direct feedback about why they didn’t get the job (again this is fair…issue is I do no always get feedback from managers even though they are required to provide it).

The systems and standards in our industry are broken and held together with bandaids. I wish these things were not the case, but unfortunately this is the truth.

I’ll await my downvotes for “do your fucking job right” or “stop making excuses”

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