31 Knives Seized After Police Stop And Search 16 And 15-Year-Old Boys In North London

Statistics is not discrimination. I am middle-eastern with white-yellowish skin colour and clear pronounced middle eastern jaw, nose, eyes and even beard. It is super easy to identify me as middle eastern person. Now if statistically, let’s say most knife crimes are done by people who look like me in London, and can be rather easily spotted (lets say when we didn’t wear masks), isn’t it intuitive to stop and search me if there is enough suspicion by police that I may be carrying a knife? We have to somehow stop crime or at least cut it as much as we can. And if you cannot have some starting point to identify potential threat, it would be pretty late when a black guy stabs someone else on street (statistically, another black guy, and even more likely - both in a gang). To solve the problem you need to understand the problem, root causes, and yes... you have to consider all variables including race. Imagine police not doing their job being afraid to be called “racist”. I guess why imagine? Police didn’t arrest Rotherham muslim grooming gangs because they were afraid to he called islamophobes

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