[3113] An Acquired Bedlam - Chapter 01: Proper Tools

Imogen said with disgust, a grimace on her face.

Whatever invention they have come up with we would have gotten sooner if we had the same materials

she finished while inspecting another of the arms at face level

Imogen just stared at her.

A translucent, graphite coloured cylindrical lid was fitted to the cut point of each differing muscle size, covering it with no bloodstains to be seen.

Only a few old-looking ones were discarded by Imogen.

“And I missed the rain again…” Imogen said, throwing a leg into a crate.

“This batch is ready for the constables. Be sure to not lose any this time.” Eurielle said, cutting her complaint short.

Besides, if you hadn’t strayed from protocol due to, again, that zarus, no batch would’ve been lost.

Eilith took a deep breath before answering, still not looking at her.

Her black sclera only made her sea-green scrutiny more visible in between the talons of her sister.

Eilith released her, falling back to the wet ground with enough finesse as to appear like she had never left it.


Hope some of it helps. I have to attend a class right now. If you want, I can continue critiquing the rest of your chapter.

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