I (31M) sent a sex tape of my GF(29f) to a female friend (with consent) and now she resents me for it

Your GF should have never had to ask you to set boundaries with your friend. If you thought you & your gf were in a relationship that early on YOU should have already set those boundaries.

It's a very good point. Problem is - I never seen our texts as anything but friendly chatter. So I didn't feel like any boundaries are needed until some things got pointed out.

It’s not that she’s uncomfortable sharing the videos it’s that she’s uncomfortable sharing them with friends and people she’ll need to interact or build relationships with as your relationship continues. I know I said it above but your friends have seen her naked and she’s never even met them, but when she does they’ll already know what her pussy looks like and how she moans. That’s wildly uncomfortable for some people.

This is something I completely missed. Thank you.

It does come off like you sent that video to your friend to make her jealous, it doesn’t feel like it was about your girlfriend at all.

It may look like that (I disagree), but you're right - I'll never be able to prove it otherwise.

Thank you for your input, it's very helpful

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