I [32/M] accused my GF [30/F] of being unfaithful, was I out of line?

Yes, you were out of line. But it’s a tricky situation from the start that she should have known better than to create if she is fully into being with you.

By saying you’re ok with her going on the trip with him, you made your bed, as uncomfortable as it may be for you now. She has really been as forthcoming as possible about the situation. She showed you her phone when requested and he is getting his own hotel room. You approved this. Keep acting suspicious in the face of it and you highly increase the chances she will act on your fears, or get so fed up with you she dumps you. It might not be a good sign that she called him “babe,” but it could have been innocent. Lots of people use the word casually.

I suggest apologizing to her sincerely, let her know your fears about her trip, that you didn’t think it would make you feel this way when you said it’s ok (make it about your unexpected fears, not about her being untrustworthy) and either ask her please not to go or tell her you will handle your fears and you trust her completely and to enjoy the trip. Then don’t bring it up again. Next time tell her you don’t like the idea before she books her trip. Good luck.

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