I (32f) am considering divorcing my husband (34m) because his narc sister has turned his family against me, and I can't stand being the scapegoat anymore.

Thank you for your opinion. However, I am certain she is a narc, so this is the right sub. There are other things that have happened that have made it quite clear that she is a malignant narc. Also, I am not intentionally leaving any negative actions on my part out. As I said, I I friended her on Facebook because I don't need to maintain a cyber friendship with someone is so disrespectful and self serving just to placate her and my mil. And before the birth of my child we were not talking to her, so there was no reason for her to assume that we would include her in things when she had been so disrespectful and refused to apologize or accept responsibility. I very much was "innocent in all this." The full extent of my contribution to the problem was attempting to remove myself from her drama by unfriending her on Facebook and decline to provide her with a picture of my newborn. I did not do these things to get a rise out of her; I did them to free myself of her drama and it poisoning my relationship.

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