I (32f) love my boyfriend (29m) of 3 years, but don’t know if I’m in love with him. Looking for advice to help me find clarity.

He responds with that he’s trying. He thinks it’s as simple as not telling a joke or being more serious. He tells me how much he loved me and is very sweet in that regard, but isn’t able to talk about deeper feelings aside from just his love for me.

I feel silly complaining about someone who loves me so very much and prioritizes me, but sometimes I feel bored. On bad days, I feel resentful and a lack of respect for him, lack of sexual desire because we don’t connect intellectually.

On top of that, where he does have strong opinions (religion and politics), we couldn’t have more different views. He’s stubborn and steadfast in his beliefs there, and sometimes I feel that he’s so strong in his opinions, not because he’s highly educated and well read on the matter, but to argue with me about it for the sake of arguing.

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