33/F Looking for long term friends that love to communicate!

Hi. I am the same, most people usually get bored or busy and I'm left behind...I'm 29 years old, housebound due to chronic pain and autoimmune conditions, I've been alone all of my life, I live with my parents who are very religious and if I wasn't ill I would have been kicked out because I identify as non-binary and am attracted to only women. I hope this won't be a problem? If it's too uncomfortable for you then I understand. But I'm not like most lgbt people, or rather, I'm not anything like my fellow humans. I'm different and most people I've met hate me because I'm not what they call "normal." I've needed to talk to someone about things, so a lot is bottled up inside of me. I wish I had someone to laugh and "cry" with. I feel so much, but haven't found many to want to listen (I'm a good listener too!). I also write, love reading, and play games (although I am very picky, what's funny is I just pulled out the SNES and was playing Mario Bros :) I'd really like to talk and get to know you. If you are interested reply. I can send by e-mail and regular mail (I have a post office mail box and live in the US).

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