343 spokesperson excuses lack of communication over downed servers by blaming stress from the Ukraine Russia war

They may be getting attacked, and aren't allowed by the Feds to publicly state it due to the Admins current handling of the situation.

We really cant afford to do this right now. Its almost as if Russia and China ( Both known for weaponizing smallpox.) bought our leadership via financial billionaires created by Chinese labour who were citizens of theses nations and release a disease that crippled an already crippled economy. We are too poor to allow the pipeline to be closed. Yet by lobbying it has changed, armed guards would be cheaper to our economy than 800k barrels of Russian crude a day but herp. Anyone found to being a paid Chinese agent should be shot. Thats what a war will actually bring and why they haven't gone to war with Russia. | The military takes charge and the FBI and CIA now have to deal with Military intelligence which doesn't bode well for establishment interests. At all.

Amazon is going to get murdered by fuel hikes, not just for trucking but cross country logistics is through the roof. These fuckers better start holding war bond drives because we can't fight and pay our army at the size needed for much longer.

This was by design or incompetence and the obvious is glaring. People aren't taught history by design and it shows. Fighting wars on logistical rat fucks is fucking expensive and a 400k missile isnt a 500lb dumb bomb in a B-17. The fucking plane cost less than a one use JDAM. Great.

1854 called to let me know Russia is going to and willing to kill plenty for that Strategic territory. Tartars Turks Cumains ect are the "Natives" of Ukraine. Not Poles and Russian colonists they were replaced in a cleansing more brutal than American Natives in the Time following the death of Ptomekin all the way to the 1960s....

French Brits Ottomans Swedes have fought in the Crimea and lost. I'm tired of being poor so we can overpay to lose wars. and put immediate family in Arlington.

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