343i Acknowledges Halo 5 Storytelling Mistake, Will Double Down on Master Chief Focus

He never was. After Fall of Reach it was ambiguous at best, Linda was thought to be dead but in 2003 Halo: First Strike revealed her and the rest of Blue Team to be alive. In 2006 their story continued in Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, Linda, Kelly, Fred and a handful of Spartan-III's were trapped inside a Forerunner shield world while Chief arrived and fought on Earth. In 2008 Halo: The Cole Protocol introduced Gray Team, whose fate was left ambiguous and their adventures continued in Halo: Envoy, which funnily enough just came out yesterday. In 2009 Halo Wars and Halo: Evolutions introduced Red Team and Black Team, Red Team entering cryo at the end of Halo Wars and never being seen again until last year's Halo: Fractures and this year's Halo Wars 2. Black Team died just recently in one of the most fucking atrocious pieces of writing 343 has made. In 2010, Halo: Reach left Jun's fate unknown, which 343 followed up on by making him one of the heads of the Spartan-IV program. Chief was never the last Spartan - not even close.

And no, Revglenn didn't. He said both Osiris and Blue Team were Spartan-II's and how Chief was no longer the last of them.

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