37 minutes of Trump calling out the globalists and NWO at the U.N.

most Americans

Obviously I didn't fall into the "most" category then.

The deductions that were allowed in the past that were eliminated actually hurt my overall tax season this past year. The things that I once was able to claim were removed resulting in a higher tax season than normal. The link you provided neglects the removal of deductions for small home businesses, 1099, and other trades that didn't see the "tax break" that the typical examples provided show in your link. Those statistics are based on if they didn't have deductions and if they were not utilizing deductions to the maximum allowed in prior tax seasons. It was projected that 90% of families were going to take the Standard Deduction earlier this year and that's not because it was all sunshine and rainbows. Many people lost their deduction opportunities and the Standard Deduction is what they were left with. Medical costs, student loans, and home ownership were affected in the change and actually was not kind in terms of filing as many people didn't know how to adjust their deductions through the year. Pre tax dollars are evaluated differently as well and less is sometimes taken out than should be, causing concern for people come end of year when they are behind on their Federal Income Tax by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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